Homemade Sugar Skulls

My Fiance and I are on the…unconventional side. This has had a HUGE impact on the way we planned our wedding. For example, our save-the-date’s and wedding invitations were adorned with skulls. This love of all things weird and macabre also resulted in our choosing to create hand/homemade sugar skulls as wedding favors. These Skulls are really fun (although sometimes tedious) to make, and are a great project for skull-lover’s everywhere.

These are just a couple of the ones we made as practice (the ones for the wedding won’t be crazy colors):

What you’ll need for the Skulls:

Granulated sugar ( a ton of it if you want to make multiple skulls)

Meringue powder


A large bowl

A skull mold (check out

A piece of cardboard


****make sure you DO NOT do this on a really humid or rainy day as it will totally mess up the outcome of the skulls…trust me.

Put desired amount of sugar in large bowl (I usually use three-four cups)

Add one teaspoon of meringue powder for each cup of sugar

Mix the sugar and meringue powder well

Add one teaspoon of water for each cup of sugar used (If you want to make colored skulls, add food coloring to the water)

Mix well

Pack the molds with the sugar skull mix, making sure to even the back of the mold with your finger (you want a flat surface)

Flip them out on the cardboard and let dry for at least eight hours

Once they’re dry, they’re ready to be decorated

What you’ll need for decorating:

Royal Icing (store-bought mix is okay, but if you’d like to make your own – which I recommend – check out this recipe)

Food coloring (for the royal icing)

Icing bags

Decorating tips


Colored foil


Basically anything you’d like to add to the skull!


Have fun! Get creative with your decorating, experiment with different patterns, textures, and decorating tips; add rhinestones, buttons, edible glitter, and anything else you can think of/want to add to make them extra personal!

***everything you add will be secured via the royal icing

I hope some of you try this out! I’ve enjoyed making them a lot! I do not, however, recommend taking on the task of making a hundred of them for your wedding though 😉




I’m Nuts About This Hex Nut Bracelet!

Here’s another great DIY find I stumbled across on ModCloth’s blog (originally posted on Honestly…WTF?).

It’s simple and chic, but the best part is…drum roll please…it’s made from stuff you probably have laying around the house!

What you’ll need:

3 strands of twine (I’ve also done this in leather and embroidery floss)

18 hex nuts (small or medium work best, but it can be done with large one’s as well, you’ll just need more twine)


Gather the twine, line up the ends, and tie a knot leaving roughly 2 inches at the end

Start braiding until you have about an inch done and begin braiding in the nuts

Take the far left strand, thread a nut onto it, and push it against the base of the braid and cross the twine over

Repeat with the far right strand, keeping your thumb at the base of the braid

Continue those steps until you’ve threaded all the nuts

Once all the nuts are on, braid another nut-free inch of twine, knot it leaving another 2ish inches at the end, and you’re good to go!

*These directions make a bracelet that should wrap around your wrist 2-3 times. If you want a shorter one, just adjust the length of the twine!

For directions accompanied by pictures go to Honestly…WTF?

Here are my versions of this project:

Have fun with this! Experiment with different types of string, twine, leather, etc. and play around with different sized hex nuts in different colors!



Teriffic T-shirt Projects

We all have old T-shirts we don’t wear…and usually they get thrown away. This year, with an upcoming wedding (32 days to go!), and a desire to save money and be less wasteful, I started digging around for cute projects I could do with my old T’s. I found more amazing DIY idea’s than I could have ever hoped for! So, without further ado, I present you with my top 5 DIY T-shirt projects!

1) An amazing Skull cut-out T inspired by a sweatshirt by Pleasure Principle

amazing diy cut out skull t

The black shirt on the left is the original sweatshirt, the one on the right is the DIY version from She’s A Betty.

I personally adore the skull, but you can do fundamentally anything you want like stars, hearts, a spider web, flowers, etc.

What you’ll need:

A long, roomy, T-shirt with a high back

Fabric chalk

An X-acto knife


A piece of cardboard to put inside the T so you don’t cut straight through


Place the T-shirt over the cardboard then trace out your desired pattern with the fabric chalk. Once you’ve done that, cut away!

2) T-shirt necklaces/scarves

These simple T-shirt accessories are ridiculously cute, easy to make, and comfy too!

What you’ll need:

An old T-shirt(s) **one’s without side seams work best, but either is fine


A needle and thread (if you’re going for the partially braided look)


Start by cutting the hem off the bottom

Next, cut 1-1 1/2 inch wide strips of the T-shirt (3+ for a braided necklace, as many as desired for scarf or non-braided necklace)

Gently stretch the strips of T-shirt (they will automatically roll up once you do this)

Play around with them! Experiment with braiding the entirety of the strips, bunching them loosely and tying the loose ends at the back, or add charms.

If you like the partially braided look (as shown below with my own necklace):

Cut off the hem

Cut 3 1-1 1/2 inch wide strips

Knot the strips about 1 inch from the top and start braiding

Braid about 12 inches of fabric

Take the needle and thread and sew a few stitches through each strand of the braid then knot it off in the back

Drape the ends of your necklace strands and then trim them so that each strand is about 2 inches shorter than the next

Line up your ends and gather them together

Loosen the knot at the end of the braid and insert the ends then tighten to secure them

My version of the partially braided T-shirt necklace

3) The T-shirt tote

These adorable totes are durable, washable, simple to create, and fun.

What you’ll need:

A heavy weight T-shirt

3-5 straight pins

A pen or pencil

A dinner plate


A needle and thread or a sewing machine (the machine is way easier to do this with, but it can be done by hand with some patience and sewing skills)


Remove the sleeves, but keep the seam in place

Position a plate roughly halfway over the neck opening of the shirt and trace it

Cut on the traced line

Turn the T-shirt inside out and pin along the bottom hem to close it

Use the sewing machine to sew the bottom of the T closed

Turn it right-side-out and viola! You have your very own T-shirt tote!

4) Spray painted T’s

We’ve all seen them on bad ass rocker chicks like Joan Jett…they’re edgy, fun, and relatively easy to make.

What you’ll need:

A T-shirt


An X-acto knife

A stencil (either handmade or store bought…personally I prefer handmade)

Any color(s) of spray paint

Newspaper (to keep your work area clean)

A few piece of cardboard (one for inside the T, and some for stencils if you chose to make your own)


Cut out desired pattern into the cardboard (if you’re making your own stencil)

Place the cardboard for the T-shirt inside

Place the stencil in desired position

Hold your spray paint can about 6 inches away from your T-shirt

Spray a light amount of paint onto the T

Let it dry, wash it, and you’ve got your own spray painted T-shirt!

5) Bleach stenciled T-shirts

What you’ll need:

A T-shirt (darker colors work best)

A spray bottle filled with 1 part water, 1 part bleach (you don’t really need a lot of it)

Bleach pens (another nifty option for doing T’s with bleach)

Duct tape (if you want to make stripes)


An X-acto knife

A stencil or stencils (again, handmade works here too)

Cardboard for inside the T

Paint brushes for splattering (assuming you want to splatter)

*** Do this in a well ventilated area on a surface that won’t be harmed by the bleach (Tubs and garages work well), and make sure you aren’t wearing anything that you’re terribly attached to just in case!


Pick an appropriate and well ventilated spot to set-up in

Find or create a stencil, and/or get your duct tape ready

Place the cardboard inside of your T-shirt to prevent the bleach from leaking all the way through

Position your stencil/duct tape in desired location/pattern

Hold the spray bottle roughly 6 inches away from surface of T-shirt and spray! You can also splatter and drip here as well

Let dry completely, wash, and wear!

Hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I did!




Hi all! My name is Ashley, I’m 23-years-old, and, most importantly, I’m the mother of an absolutely beautiful 17-month-old little boy. Being a mom is amazing. It’s rewarding and magical, but it’s also terribly expensive (not that it’s not worth it!). As a young mom with a desire to be fashionable (and thrifty), I’ve started doing a lot of DIY projects and saving a lot of money in the process! I’ve found some really great things along the way, and have even come up with my own projects inspired by various trends I’ve come across!

The more compliments that I got on my cute little DIY items, the more I started thinking about how much I wanted to share them with other women like myself, and that’s where this blog comes into play. I want to give all the other stylishly thrifty mommies and non-mommies alike out there some cheap, fun, fashionable DIY ideas. I’d also be more than happy to take suggestions on DIY projects, websites and books that offer up great DIY projects, and feedback on the DIY stuff I put up. Not only will there be posts on things like jewelry, accessories, clothing re-vamps, and re-purposed items, I’m also planning on throwing in some stuff like kid’s costumes, awesome recipes, toys, etc. as well!

I’ll be starting to post DIY stuff asap, and I hope you all enjoy the site and the projects! In the meantime, enjoy a picture of my little monster pretending he’s a pirate!


My son as a pirate!