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DIY Braided Chain Jewlery: Dexterity Needed!

Mixed media jewelry is hot right now which means that these lovely necklaces and bracelets are sure to win you some compliments. We’re seeing chains with ribbons and threads woven through them all over the place, and I for one am a fan!

I initially stumbled across these beauties while perusing Studs and Pearls and instantly fell for them. I make plush monsters for my son in my spare time, so I have TONS of embroidery floss around, which made this a gem of a find for me.I’m not going to lie, making these can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it, but the outcome is well worth it.

The first example pictured is by AurĂ©lie Bidermann and runs about $400. I’m going to offer up an equally attractive DIY with a MUCH smaller price tag.

What you’ll need:

A thick curb chain (these can easily be found at craft stores like AC Moore)

Embroidery thread (I use a total of 6 different colors, but you can play around with the amount of colors you choose to use)

A clasp if your necklace or bracelet doesn’t have one

Jump rings if you want to add charms

A bobby pin


Choose your colors (I usually do two sets of color schemes – 3 different similar colors for each set of strings) * I use a total of 30 strands – 15 for the first cluster and 15 for the second/ 5 of each different color*

Measure and cut the string so that it’s at least 3 times the length of your chain

Tie the two groupings of 15 strings together leaving about two inches at the end

Separate the two different groups of string and decide which you’d like to start with

Take the group you’ve decided to start with and put the bobby pin around it

Pull it under the first link in your chain using the bobby pin (trust me, it makes it A LOT easier)

Take the bobby pin and place it on the second group of strings

Pull the second group over top of the remaining string from the first and loop it behind the same link and pull it through

Repeat steps until chain is completely braided with thread then tie a knot in the end

***For steps with pictures check out Studs and Pearls***My directions are slightly different, but it’s basically the same thing.

If you want to add charms, simply attach them to the uncovered side of the chain using jump rings

Eventually when my camera stops being difficult, I’ll be uploading some pictures of the bracelets I’ve made using this technique. In the mean time, I hope you guys have fun with this project!




I’m Nuts About This Hex Nut Bracelet!

Here’s another great DIY find I stumbled across on ModCloth’s blog (originally posted on Honestly…WTF?).

It’s simple and chic, but the best part is…drum roll please…it’s made from stuff you probably have laying around the house!

What you’ll need:

3 strands of twine (I’ve also done this in leather and embroidery floss)

18 hex nuts (small or medium work best, but it can be done with large one’s as well, you’ll just need more twine)


Gather the twine, line up the ends, and tie a knot leaving roughly 2 inches at the end

Start braiding until you have about an inch done and begin braiding in the nuts

Take the far left strand, thread a nut onto it, and push it against the base of the braid and cross the twine over

Repeat with the far right strand, keeping your thumb at the base of the braid

Continue those steps until you’ve threaded all the nuts

Once all the nuts are on, braid another nut-free inch of twine, knot it leaving another 2ish inches at the end, and you’re good to go!

*These directions make a bracelet that should wrap around your wrist 2-3 times. If you want a shorter one, just adjust the length of the twine!

For directions accompanied by pictures go to Honestly…WTF?

Here are my versions of this project:

Have fun with this! Experiment with different types of string, twine, leather, etc. and play around with different sized hex nuts in different colors!