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Awesome DIY Home Decor Made of Unexpected Items!

I like to think that I’m pretty creative when it comes to being thrifty and decorating my space in cool, inexpensive, and unexpected ways, but lately, I’ve come across some really awesome home decor projects that have me going “Why didn’t I think of that”? I’ve found some real gems that are made of  everything ranging from toilet paper tubes to embroidery rings, and I can’t resist sharing them.

1) Hemp Pendant Lights

These super easy-to-make hemp pendants are a cool, earthy way to spice up anyone’s living space. Plus, if you’re not up to actually making it functional (trying to figure out how to use it as a light), they can be hung up as is and still look awesome.

What You’ll Need:

Hemp string (A LOT of it)

Bouncy balls of various sizes (You know, like the ones you used to kick around the backyard as a kid…and, if you have kids, chances are, you have some laying around) – Balloon’s also work, but are a little more temperamental and difficult…I don’t recommend using them.

Clear drying craft glue

Gloves (trust me, you want to wear them…super messy project)

A trash bag

Permanent marker

A ball inflating needle (available at sporting goods stores)

Light fixture hardware (You can easily find pendant fitters at Lowe’s or Home Depot)


1) Cover your work space with the trash bag

2) Draw a circle on your ball. This will act as a marker for space that needs to remain empty in order for you to install your hardware

3) Put your gloves on and squeeze some glue onto your fingers, then begin pulling the string through your gluey fingers

4) Now start wrapping your ball and keep pulling string through the glue, making sure not to wrap over the area designated as empty **try to wrap in random patterns and make sure your keeping things dense…this will make the pendant stronger** and continue this process until you’re happy with the look of your pendant and on as many different balls as you want

5) Let the glue cure completely (about 48 hours) then take the inflating needle and deflate the ball(s) and remove it from the pendant

6) Follow the installation instructions that come with your light fixture, making sure that  while installing the light string,  you feed the wires through the circle hole of the lamp and up through the top (this way the light bulb will hang down in the center of the sphere)

7) Hang and enjoy!

These are one of those things that will totally earn you some oooh’s and ahhh’s from friends and family when they find out you made them yourself ladies and gents!

2) Painted Ceiling Medallion and Rosette Wall Art

This project can be more on the pricey side, but as you can see, is totally gorgeous. Ceiling medallions are typically used to fancify lighting fixtures, but, when coupled with rosettes (these are used to plug the center hole of the medallion in order to make it look the way the one’s pictured do), and painted, magic happens.

What You’ll Need:

A few different ceiling medallions and rosettes (these can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.)

Paint (considering you’ll need a decent amount, I suggest using some left-over paint from your home, and also, if you want to make them different shades of the same color similar to those in the picture, you’ll need white paint too)

A paint brush(es)

Some newspaper or a garbage bag


1) Set up your work area using the newspaper and/or garbage bags to keep things tidy

2) Put the rosette into the hole in your medallion (unless you choose to leave the hole open…this project works either way)

3) Start painting. Mix different shades of the same color, paint them a few different colors, experiment, and, most importantly, have fun!

4) Repeat steps 2-3 with any other medallions/rosettes you have

5) Allow them to dry completely then arrange and hang them

Now, to be totally honest, I haven’t finished this project in its entirety yet (it’s a little hard to do with an 18-month-old monster running around and finals), but, the one that is done is stunning. Like I said earlier, this can be pricey, but it really is worth it. The results are a unique and colorful focal point in your room that will have people asking ‘Where did you get those”?!?

3) Mod Cardboard Tube Storage Display

Who would have thought that cut up cardboard tubes could look so stylish? To be honest, not me. This is an insanely cheap, quick way to get yourself some cool looking storage.

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard tubes of varying sizes

An X-acto knife

A pen or pencil

Paint (optional, but recommended)

Paint brush(es) – if you choose to paint your tube pieces

Glue ( I used hot glue)


1) Decide how deep you want various slices of your tubes and use the pen(cil) to mark where you want to cut

2) Start cutting into those tubes

3) Once you’ve got them all cut up, start painting them

4) Let them dry completely

5) Decide how you want to arrange them and start gluing them together so that your storage display is a little more stable (this also saves you from putting more nails etc. in your wall than necessary in order to hang them)

6) Hang them up

Note – this can be a little tricky. You want to cut the tubes up while still maintaining their shape, so it can be a little tedious, at times frustrating, and, as I’ve said, just plain tricky. On the plus side, these are pretty cool looking and are great for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms (especially kid’s rooms!).

4) Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Now ladies and gents, the above example is a really complicated one, and I don’t suggest trying to make them unless you’re really, really, really talented with an X-acto knife, and you have a lot of dexterity. I just wanted to give you guys an idea of just how beautiful wall art with toilet paper roles can be! This particular piece is by a Japanese artist by the name of Yuken Teryuga. Below is a more practical project for you to start out with.

It’s often shocking how, the humblest of objects (like TP roles), can make something so beautiful. This project isn’t only pretty, it’s pretty easy too!

What You’ll Need:

Toilet paper roles (I suggest lots of them) **You can also use paper towel roles too

Scissors or an X-acto knife (Scissors are easier for beginner X-acto users, but I think the X-acto is better. Then again, I have a passionate love affair with X-acto knives…)

Glue (again, I used hot glue for this, but it’s not the only option)

Paint (optional)

Paint brush(es) – if you choose to paint your project


1) Start cutting up those roles

2) Once you’ve got enough circles, start bending them so that they resemble the shape of a cat’s eye…or not. Circles work too.

OPTIONAL STEP – if you want to paint them, now’s the time to do it! Make sure you let them dry all the way before you proceed to the next step.

3) Start arranging them into a pattern and gluing them together

4) Continue step 3 until you’ve got the size you’d like

5) Hang it!

This can be as simple, or as intricate as you want it to be. It’s also a really great project to do with your kids. If you do decide to let the kids help, replace the hot glue with Elmer’s, and add in some clothes pins (these will be used to hold the spots with glue together), and get crackin’.

5) Paper Bird Cages

Like birds? I do too! Just not live ones (I’m allergic). I love these adorable little paper birdcages. They’re a really cute and whimsical way to add to your decor and they’re pretty customizable as well.

What You’ll Need:

An assortment of card stock i.e. varying colors and patterns


Double-sided tape

Plastic lids (ice cream lid’s work pretty well)

Small brads

Small hole punch

A straight edge and X-acto knife


The PDF for the birds (optional)


1) Get started by cutting 12″ x 1/4″ strips of paper utilizing your straight edge and X-acto knife (you will need four strips per bird cage)

2) In the center of each paper strip, punch a tiny hole with your hole punch and then set them aside

3) Download your bird template and print it out on heavy card stock, then cut out the bird and trace around it on one of your decorative papers. Next, cut out your bird and punch a hole in the center of it’s back

4)  Cut a 14″ length of string then tie your bird to the end of the string, and then tie a knot in the string 1.5″ above the bird

5)  Thread the string through the holes in your  four paper strips, sliding them down the string until they meet the knot and secure the strips together (just above the knot)  by running a small brad through the holes

6) Run a strip of double-sided tape around the edge of your lid, take your bundled strips and fan them out, and stick the ends of said strips to the edge of your lid, making sure to keep them evenly spaced.

7)  Cut a strip of card stock 1.5 inches wide and long enough to wrap around the lid (if your lid diameter is greater than the width of your paper, cut two strips) and wrap the strip(s) around the taped edge of the lid, press down, and smooth.

Note: While these instructions use tape, the tape can be substituted with rubber cement, glue, etc.

These little birdies will definitely illicit smiles and, perhaps, even make you and your guests feel a little Snow White-esque.

6) Painted Picture Frames

One really easy way to enhance a room is to choose a single color for decor and run with it. It creates a clean, modern look, and is relatively easy to do. This project is perfect for anyone going for that style…plus, it’s cheap and easy. You can also choose to do them in different colors, or, you can go the monochromatic route and do different shades or hues of the same color. Any way you go, it’s going to look great.

What You’ll Need:

Various picture frames (thrifting is the way to go here…the frames don’t need to be aesthetically perfect because you’re going to be painting them anyway)


Paint brush(es)


1) Clean your frames…a clean surface is easier to work with

2) Begin painting! (You may have to use multiple coats of paint. If that’s the case, make sure you allow each coat to dry before you add another)

3) Let Dry

4) Put your pictures in them

5) Arrange and hang

I was being dead serious when I said this was really easy to do. This is something my husband and I are working on for our wedding photo’s (when we finally get them!). These frames are also cool to use for the fabric panel wall art DIY I’d mentioned in my Mother’s Day post.

7) Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

Embroidery hoops aren’t just for embroidering anymore! They’re for decorating your living space now too. These hoops are pretty inexpensive and can be found at pretty much any craft store. This project is a great way to give your apartment or home a mod look without breaking your bank.

What You’ll Need:

Embroidery hoops in varying sizes


Paint brush(es)



1) Paint your hoops

2) Allow the paint to dry completely

3) Come up with a design you like

4) Glue any connecting pieces together to add stability (hot glue is your friend)

5) Hang

This is one of the easiest DIY’s ever…and it’s really cool. Again, this is also something you can make as simple or intricate as your heart desires, and it’s really easy to personalize as well.

8)Paper Doily and Thumbtack Art

Upon first glance, I’d never assume this awesome wall art consists merely of orange thumbtacks and paper doilies, but it does. This is probably, by far, one of the cheapest/most simple DIY’s in the history of DIY projects…plus, it’s pretty cool looking.

What You’ll Need:

Paper doilies in various sizes (coffee filters work too, but be prepared to cut a lot of them up, so add scissors into the mix if you use them)

Colored or plain thumbtacks (I’d go with the flat metal kind, but you can use what ever your heart desires)


1)Start taking doilies and thumbtacks and sticking them to the wall (be creative! try folding doilies and layering them etc.)

2) Continue step 1 while making a pattern that you like

That’s all there is to it! A total of two steps produces something super awesome and unexpected. Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s damn near impossible to spend more than $5 bucks (give or take) on the supplies you need to create this, which, in my book, is pretty epic in itself.

9) Chandelier

No, it’s not dripping with Swarovski crystals, but it’s still pretty neat. I mean, let’s get serious, who doesn’t love chandeliers? I know I do…especially when I can make them myself and they’re inexpensive.

What You’ll Need:

4 – 10″ wire hanging baskets

Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Spray Paint
Embellishments like crystals, beaded necklaces, mirror pieces, colored beads, chain….basically anything you want

1) Place 2 baskets together – rounded side up/flat side down and connect them in the middle using wire, making sure to wind tightly and space the loops to the sides

2) Take your 3rd basket and thread the hook and chains up through the middle hole and lay off to one side

3) Place this 3rd basket in the middle of the other 2 that you connected – rounded up side/flat side down

4) Connect the 4 points that touch (2 on each side) with wire (to wrap these with wire a little more easily, apply a small dot of hot glue and then wind the wire around)

5) Turn the entire piece over and place the 4th basket in the middle -flat side down, then,  attach it with wire at the 4 points that are touching, then flip it back over. The structure of the chandelier should be complete at this point. This is when you paint it and let it dry (optional of course)

6) Give your chandelier some shape (this step is easiest to do if it is hanging) by taking the 2 outside hooks and placing them on the inner rings on each side (secure the hook in place with a small dot of hot glue)

7) Embellish away!

For steps with pictures, check out Brassy Apple’s tutorial.

This is a cool project for any living space, but it’s also neat for a little girl’s bedroom as well!

10) Creative Coat Rack

Coat racks are kind of a necessary evil. They can look awkward, boring, and, sometimes even clunky. This project allows you to create a coat rack that you’ll love. Why will you love it? Because it’s cute and you’ve made it yourself using stuff that you actually like.

What You’ll Need:

A piece of wood

Knobs (I’ve often found some really cool ones at antique stores)


Screwdriver and/or Drill





1) Paint your piece of wood the desired color and let dry

2) With your pencil, make light marks on the wood, showing where you want to position the knobs

3) Screw in the screws (being careful not to screw into the floor or table…it happens)

4) Twist the knobs onto the screws

5) Hang your new coat rack

Yes, it’s really that easy. Plus, coat racks don’t have to just be for coats. You can use this for your jewelry, purses, etc. This, like some of the other projects, works great in a kids room as well. If you want to make one for your son or daughter, you can let them help you pick out the nobs and paint!

So, here they are, 10 pretty spectacular (in my opinion) projects that are made out of some not-so conventional stuff, geared toward  livening up your living space on a budget. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did, and if you try them out, feel free to shoot some pictures my way! I’ll add them to the blog!