It’s been almost a year…holy slacker Batman!

Ok, I really don’t have any other excuse here than I got lazy. With that being said, I’m going to start to try to be a little more proactive about posting….especially since I’ve discovered the magic that is pintrest.

I’ve been compiling some things on my boards that I’ll certainly be sharing here (some of which we’ve tried, some of which we will be trying at some point) for everyone’s crafting pleasure. I’ve also got a compilation of toddler-friendly activities as well since my monster is now really, really into “helping” mommy make things. I’m also thinking about popping some really yummy recipes up here in the near future as well (who doesn’t like good food, right?).

Anyway, sorry for sucking at regular posting, and here’s to hoping that I can motivate myself to get back into the groove!




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