Missing in Action/W.I.P.

I’d like to say that I’ve been spending the last few weeks of my hiatus coming up with and finding tons of awesome DIY projects to post here (which is partially true), but, to be candid, I’ve been spending my post wedding/first few weeks of Summer break enjoying doing mostly nothing.With that being said, I have been working on a chalkboard painted activity table for my son alongside my husband.

We had gotten a (much needed) new coffee table as a wedding gift and were about to throw our old IKEA one out when I had a stroke of genius. Why not sand it down, re-paint it using chalkboard paint, and give it to my ever-so-artistic 19-month-old? After all, he has developed a rather inconvenient affinity for drawing all over my walls and furniture.

We went to Lowe’s, picked up some paint and sandpaper, and set off to make the little monster a nifty little table of his own, the surface of which is entirely designed to allow him to scribble until his tiny heart’s content. I had also had the idea of cutting a small area out of the table in order to create some sort of an area where he could store his chalk. We’ve decided that the best option was to cut said hole then attach a mesh bag of sorts as a home for his drawing utensils.

So far we’ve gotten everything sanded, cut, painted, and we decided to take out the bottom shelf (it was removable) and fasten it to the back of the table so that he now has even more places to create art. All that’s left is creating the mesh bag (for lack of a better term). Once the project is completed, I’ll be giving a step-by-step on how we did this upcycle with pictures of the finished project.

Also, I’ll be posting a compilation of the DIY Father’s Day projects that I’ve fallen in love with for everyone soon.

Thanks for your patience and I hope everyone is enjoying the start of Summer.




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  1. * Fwaire says:

    That’s such a good idea! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product đŸ™‚

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 3 months ago

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