Homemade Sugar Skulls

My Fiance and I are on the…unconventional side. This has had a HUGE impact on the way we planned our wedding. For example, our save-the-date’s and wedding invitations were adorned with skulls. This love of all things weird and macabre also resulted in our choosing to create hand/homemade sugar skulls as wedding favors. These Skulls are really fun (although sometimes tedious) to make, and are a great project for skull-lover’s everywhere.

These are just a couple of the ones we made as practice (the ones for the wedding won’t be crazy colors):

What you’ll need for the Skulls:

Granulated sugar ( a ton of it if you want to make multiple skulls)

Meringue powder


A large bowl

A skull mold (check out

A piece of cardboard


****make sure you DO NOT do this on a really humid or rainy day as it will totally mess up the outcome of the skulls…trust me.

Put desired amount of sugar in large bowl (I usually use three-four cups)

Add one teaspoon of meringue powder for each cup of sugar

Mix the sugar and meringue powder well

Add one teaspoon of water for each cup of sugar used (If you want to make colored skulls, add food coloring to the water)

Mix well

Pack the molds with the sugar skull mix, making sure to even the back of the mold with your finger (you want a flat surface)

Flip them out on the cardboard and let dry for at least eight hours

Once they’re dry, they’re ready to be decorated

What you’ll need for decorating:

Royal Icing (store-bought mix is okay, but if you’d like to make your own – which I recommend – check out this recipe)

Food coloring (for the royal icing)

Icing bags

Decorating tips


Colored foil


Basically anything you’d like to add to the skull!


Have fun! Get creative with your decorating, experiment with different patterns, textures, and decorating tips; add rhinestones, buttons, edible glitter, and anything else you can think of/want to add to make them extra personal!

***everything you add will be secured via the royal icing

I hope some of you try this out! I’ve enjoyed making them a lot! I do not, however, recommend taking on the task of making a hundred of them for your wedding though 😉




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